domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014


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    Iraq is one of these countries where being Christian is a death warrant in many areas of the country.The missionary priests are there for a priority target for the jihadists.

    Father Luis Montes knows it, missionary priest in that country. For Father Montes, Iraqi Christians "are making martyrs" to the Church, and in the future, believes will be remembered as true heroes and saints. "The Islamic state will disappear, as all disappeared emperors who persecuted the Church. They die and the entire thing. But the saints will live forever."

    In an interview with "Sin Miedo" program, passing through Argentina, he retold the testimony that the Catholic community in the capital live.

    "They gave their lives, their testimony; were present in the chase, and were ordered to lie though, remained faithful. They are the ones who succeed are those who change history. Who remembers the persecutors? In return are Happiness, Perpetua and other martyrs who nowadays are remembered."

    "At the heart of man, one can choose good and evil. In a country like Iraq, where there is so satanic terrorism, this is so obvious! To which comes the man when he turns away from God..." said the priest.

    "They have buried alive people to make them die suffering, have beheaded 10 yeared-old children, and their heads are left in the streets to instill fear. We are experiencing persecution, torture, people who have lost a life's work. That is the work of evil in our hearts", he said.

    "But on the other hand there is the strength that God gives to his children", he emphasized.

    "We have cases of heroism: people who give their lives for Christ and his brothers. While that is a very sad sight, are also very edifying examples. God wins and makes his saints give testimony that is irrefutable", he explained.


    1. Gracias por las traducciones, las pondremos -en su momento- en nuestro blog en inglés ( Un abrazo en Cristo